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We Are Hiring! Special Projects Officer (extended to 7 Feb)

C4 Center is looking for a SPECIAL PROJECTS OFFICER to manage projects in "Building Public Participation in Public Policy: For  Accountability and Integrity". 

Project Period: 2 Years. 

Pakatan Must Keep Their Word in New Tough Anti-Graft Proposals

PETALING JAYA (Wednesday): Civil society organisations working to promote good governance urge Pakatan Harapan to stay true to their word now that they have pledged to enact serious anti-corruption reforms if they come into power. C4 Center Executive Director, Cynthia Gabriel, says that C4 Center and its coalition partners have been calling for similar reforms.

C4 met MACC Penang to raise concern on election bribery

We also suggested for a hotline to be setup

C4 Brand New Board Game, Kleptopoly is a big hit!

Everyone is crazy about Kleptopoly after its first ever debut on social media.

C4: MACC ACT Has Mandate To Investigate Political Donations

PETALING JAYA (Tuesday): Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Deputy Chief Commissioner (Operations) Datuk Azam Baki’s comments last Sunday that it has no jurisdiction to investigate political donations are actually off the mark. Cynthia Gabriel of C4 Center believes that the MACC Act (2010) does empower them to investigate such donations.

Press Release: Having Najib Over to the White House, Will Not Drain Your Swamp, Mr Trump…

It has been reported that Prime Minister Najib Razak will be paying United States President Donald Trump a visit this Tuesday, 12 September at the coveted White House. A diplomatic honor indeed!
But why?

Suhakam bemoans lack of control over govt's power in classifying documents

KUALA LUMPUR: There needs to be greater control over the power of ministers and public officers in classifying a document under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) 1972.